Meaning and Computer Games

The 9th International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games will explore how meaning phenomena contribute to the nature and socio-cultural role of computer games.

Computer-Games-And-Meaning_Plakat_600Contributions will discuss structures of meaning production in computer games and their gameplay. Prominent questions are:
How do games convey meaning?
Which models of meaning-making (e.g. semantics, semiotics, hermeneutics, rhetoric, logic) should we apply to computer games in general or to individual games?
Which methods of interpretation should we use to understand computer games?
By answering questions such as these, Philosophy will identify theories, concepts and practices that will aid the understanding of good game design.
The conference is held in Potsdam and Berlin, 14–17 October 2015.

14 October
Brandenburgisches Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften (Potsdam)

15 – 17 October
BTK – University of Art and Design (Berlin)

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