fluctuating images: An Audiovisual Evening

An evening with two audiovisual performances by Marcus Bastos, São Paulo, and Alessandra Eramo, Berlin, as a guest performer, and the launch of “delayscapes’ score”, including a graphic essay and an introductory dialogue by Ana Carvalho and Marcus Bastos

Just Words (redux), 2015

Audiovisual Performance by Marcus Bastos; guest performer: Alessandra Eramo
On a word saturated by images, an exploration of meaningless words. Graphicness of typography, scripts for possible scenes, and abstract voices. Followed by a CODA in which slogans of street protests result in a cacophony of commands made meaningless by contradictions and repetitions.

Delayscapes, 2014

Audiovisual Performance by Marcus Bastos
Recursive abstractions and delay chains, transforming simple shapes and sound into textural scapes through procedural repetition and variation. The piece is structured as a series of short studies on possible relations of moving images and sound, and two longer explorations of the resulting syntaxes.

Delayscapes’ score
Book launch

After the pieces, there will be the launch of the score for delayscapes. The publication includes a graphic essay, an introductory dialogue in which Ana Carvalho and Marcus Bastos discuss scores as devices of memory and transmission in the field of contemporary audiovisual performance and a Pen Card with the patch, a companion PDF and images, videos and sounds used on the current instance of the piece.

This event is part of the algorithmic liveness: editing the audiovisual presence project, developed on Humboldt University under supervision of Wolfgang Ernst / funded by PIPEq (PUC-SP).